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Milk powder floor display stands

    Hình thức thanh toán: L/C,D/P
    Incoterm: FOB
    Đặt hàng tối thiểu: 200 Set/Sets
    Thời gian giao hàng: 15 Ngày
Thông tin cơ bản

Vật chất: Giấy

Địa điểm hiển thị: Ngoài trời

Sử dụng: Siêu thị và cửa hàng

Additional Info

Bao bì: Carton

Thương hiệu: JIADI

Giao thông vận tải: Ocean,Land,Air

Xuất xứ: CHINA

Hải cảng: Shengzhen

Mô tả sản phẩm

Milk powder promotional display stands,It is very convenient to display the milk product display, can set the pattern,Food Display Stands is very suitable for your brand promotion, is very practical in the supermarket and the store, especially the promotion activity is more important.
Supermarket Display Stand Product classification: classification according to product printing
Material 350G powder ash +K5 (corrugated paper)
Size is tailored to the guest's product
Printing 4C offset printing
Surface treatment of photoresist, dumb glue, UV, polishing, light oil, etc.

Marketing display stands
Jiadi Company
How to choose better Cardboard Display Stands suppliers
1, whether the product structure can be designed independently.
2, is it a real Exhibition Display Stands manufacturer? It has a full range of equipment, such as sample machine / printing press, surface treatment machine, automatic paper mounting machine and beer machine.
3. Whether the reinforced corrugated board is used.
The advantages of the printed board display frame
1. Control of custom design and production structure
2, recycling, environmental protection, stable performance
3. Compelling design, good quality and competitive price
4, easy to fold, save space and low transportation cost
5. Can provide all sizes and styles and quantities
6. Complete installation and assembly drawings can be provided
We provide the best service for the paper display rack
1. Provide effective advice, ideas, and ensure retail display acceptance strategies
2, years of practical experience, innovative design and direction
3, fast feedback: the program will return within 8 hours, offer the price within 24 hours, 2-3 days after the sample is completed, and batch production for 12-15 days
4., provide one-stop service: provide scheme > effect chart > design mold cutter > proofing > directly print out CTP> printing > surface treatment > mounting pit > beer forming > sticky box > Packing > storage > loading to serve the designated place.
5, strict management and high standard quality control
6, our service will not stop, you need us when you need us
We will be the most assured and satisfied partner of you, because we will provide you with the most reasonable price, the highest quality and the most timely delivery. Look forward to your joining.

Floor Display Stands

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